TRG060. Passenger cars per 1,000 population at end of year
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Starting from 1 January 1993 the Road Traffic Safety Directorate began to create a new vehicle register by way of re-registering the transport vehicles. As of the end of 1994 the number of re-registered vehicles is shown but as of the end of 1995 the total number of all transport vehicles registered prior to 1 January 1996 is given.
With 30.12.2009 Cabinet of Ministers 'Vehicle Registration Regulations” introduced a new rule - Vehicle Removal from the register. The vehicle is removed from the register of vehicles in the following cases: if the vehicle is permanently registered in a foreign country and this fact is confirmed by the information of the foreign register (if CSDD is ensured with automated access to corresponding register) or document issued by the corresponding foreign register; if the vehicle has not undergone technical inspection of vehicles and no registration activity has been done to the vehicle for five years.
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Number of passenger cars
Passenger cars per 1,000 population
Starting from 2000, data are recalculated in compliance with the results of the Population and Housing Census 2011.